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Calendar of events:

*Chapter Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 7:30pm, unless otherwise stated.*


Surfrider Foundation Beach Cleanups

What to bring to a cleanup:

  1. Your signed participation waiver. You can download it here: Download and print required waiver form
  2. Reusable water bottle. We will also have a water cooler and paper cups for all volunteers.
  3. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. It gets HOT in South Florida.
  4. Community service forms. If you need community service hours, one of our members running the cleanup will sign off for the time you volunteer with us.
  5. Trash picker/latex gloves. We will have pickers, buckets and gloves for volunteers, but the pickers go fast!
  6. Friends and a smile! We always have fun at the beach!

If you, or anyone you know, would like to partner on a beach or waterway clean up, please email our volunteer coordinator at:

These are the roles volunteers take on, during the clean ups:

Or, you can just clean the beach. That is just as awesome and appreciated!

Our cleanups start promptly and we need volunteers who can show up 15-30min early to help setup. The chapter always brings pickers, buckets and gloves for everyone to use. We also have a tent, table, flag, paper forms, hand sanitizer and a water jug that have to be carried down to the beach.

Anyone who is able and willing to help carry these items down to the beach, and assist in setting them all up, will be our new best friends! If this sounds like something you are interested in, please check the corresponding check box on the event sign up sheet. We will post links to these events on our social media accounts and in our email newsletter.

We LOVE when our volunteers take pictures and videos of the events, and then send them to us. Everyone needs to see our amazing volunteers in action, and we love showing you off. We are always in need of people to take photos and videos of the clean up, and send them to us to be posted on our social media pages. (If you would like to be tagged in them, then please also include your name/username.)

All Surfrider chapters keep track of how much trash we clean up, what type of trash we find, and how many pieces of plastic we found on the beach. In order to record this information efficiently, we need multiple volunteers who are willing to put on some gloves, and help us sort out the recyclables from the trash! You can jump in on the sorting the day of, or check the corresponding check box on the sign up form.

The end of the clean ups are usually everyone’s favorite time to disperse immediately. We are always in need of anyone willing to stick around for an extra 15-20 min and help us pack up all the materials, and bring them back to the car. Sometimes we need help transporting the recycling to a bin or recycling facility, as well. You can tell us the day of, or check the corresponding check box on the sign up form.

Pounds of Trash Removed


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