PUBLIC NOTICE posted: Lake Worth Pier to (just north of) Lantana Beach a renourishment project and plans to construct 7 groins included in the Southern Palm Beach Island Comprehensive Shoreline Stabilization Project.

Comment Due Date: August 19

Proposed Action is to construct beach nourishment and dune restoration projects between FDEP monuments R-128+955 and R-138+551 with sand placement and the construction of seven (7) low profile, shore-perpendicular groins (groin field). The proposal would require approximately 150,000 cubic yards of fill. All sand is proposed to be sourced from an upland sand mine. Construction of the Applicants’ proposed projects would impact 0.6 acres of intertidal and sub-tidal hardbottom in Reach 8 and 1.05 acres of nearshore hardbottom in Reaches 9 and 10 based on in-water surveys conducted in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

The project is located in waters of the United States along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline between Florida Department of Environmental Protection Range monuments R-128+955 and R-138+551, approximately 2.02 miles. The northern limit is adjacent to the William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier, and the southern limit is just north of Lantana Public Beach/East Ocean Avenue in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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