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Surfrider Earth Day 2020

As Earth Day plans started to take shape, the COVID-19 pandemic began, requiring the world to shift gears. While events have been cancelled and we’re sheltering in place for the health and safety of our families and communities, we plan to virtually recognize Earth Day and continue to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change. 

While we cannot celebrate Earth Day in person, we can still come together and urge decision-makers to take climate change action! Join Surfrider by signing our climate change action alert to Congress, AND participate in our virtual Earth Day photo campaign.  

#SurfriderEarthDay Instagram Stories: 

OnEarth Day (4/22), we are asking YOU to post an image in your Instagram Story of a special place YOU want protected forever and to add our “Surfrider Earth Day” sticker to your post.

To add the GIF/sticker:

  • Upload a photo to your Instagram Story
  • Click the square sticker/face icon near the top right
  • Click GIF, then search for “Surfrider Earth Day” (you will see GIF icon below).
  • Now you can overlay this exclusive sticker onto your photo (see examples below).

Please post to your story and be sure to tag @surfrider and include add the hashtag #SurfriderEarthDay. 

On Earth Day, we will repost some of our favorite images to our social media channels!