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Beach access is the ability to reach the sand and surf.  It is the means of entry to our oceans, waves and beaches.

Surfrider Foundation promotes the right of low-impact, free and open access to the world’s waves and beaches for all people. Beaches are one of the most popular public resources. Because individuals need access to beaches in order to enjoy them, Surfrider Foundation acts to protect the right of access.

In nearly every state, some portion of the beach is public land, which means that all members of the public have the right to use that portion of the beach. Surfrider Foundation recognizes that the public’s right of access to waterways is often based on the Public Trust Doctrine, and is further reflected in international, regional, and state laws and Constitutions.public-beach-sign

The right of beach access is constantly being challenged by private property owners, developers and even sea level rise.  Of course, some wealthy landowners would like to lock up slices of the coast for themselves alone.  Surfrider Foundation is actively fighting for beach access in places where private property owners have cut off long-standing publicly used coastal access.

In 2009, the Surfrider Foundation developed a Policy on Beach Access, which addresses our stance on the many aspects of the issue of beach access.